Before Big Local

Building on a history of community engagement in regeneration.

There has been a long history of engaging the community in the future of North East Hastings. Here are some downloadable documents which may be helpful for those working on a Big Local Plan. They are in date order, most recent first.

Strategic Health Authority - proposal to locate pharmacy in Malvern Way (2012)

Poor Valley (2011)

Ore Valley, Hastings - Public Consultation Results (2006)

Ore Valley, Hastings - Millennium Community (2005)

Neighbourhood Renewal Impact Assessment (2004)

The Valley News (2003)

Ore Valley Local Action Plan News (2003)

OASIS flyer (2003)

The Ore Valley Forum flyer (2003)

Surestart Ore Valley report (2003)

Consultation Results - the future of Hastings & St Leonards and Bexhill (2003)

Millennium Commmunity flyer (2002)

More Valley; the report of the Ore Valley Action Planning Weekend held on 12-15th September 1997 in the Ore Valley, Hastings (1997)

We are also trying to build up a resource of published material at a location within the North East Hastings area, and we will add further details here when this has been arranged.

If you know of other documents which should be included please send an email with your suggestions