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Hi everyone, my name is Jodie and I am one fifth of a consortium who have been commissioned to deliver the 12 week 'Getting Started' phase of the Big Local project here in North East Hastings. Firstly I want to share with you some details about myself and secondly I want to explain a little more about what the 'Getting Started' phase is.

I was born and raised in Hastings, so am passionate about the town in which I live and in particular the area of North East Hastings because it is were I grew up, and I currently live on the boundary with my own family, so I regularly use the facilities within it. I have a Masters Degree in Community Psychology and have been working in, and with, the voluntary sector for approximately 8 years now.

The Big Local has a pathway consisting of 7 stages that each area must follow. The 'Getting Started' phase comprises of stages 1 & 2 and is undertaken over a 12 week period.

Stage 1 is to spread the word about Big Local and make sure local residents know how they can get involved.

Stage 2 is about thinking through how your area might change for the better. What do people like now? What should change? What would people like to build on? And more importantly, to engage a wide range of people and groups about their hopes and vision for the future.

Our consortium then aims to deliver a report that consolidates all the data gathered from within the 12 week consultation period, in preperation for the next stage of the Big Local pathway.

I hope that gives you a brief insight into what our role is within the Big Local project and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all.

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There is a new tab on this website for Community Groups with drop down menus for different groups and activities.  More information will be added over the coming weeks.

By RonBennett