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Summer Outings 2018

As part of the Big Local Summer Programme, the Resident Led Partnership has funded Oasis Community Project to offer subsidised coach trips to people living in the Big Local area.   These outings are intended to enable local people and their families to enjoy affordable days out.

To qualify you must live in the Big Local area, which includes Red Lake, Downs Farm, Ore Village, Halton and the Broomgrove estate. To check whether you are a resident click http://www.biglocalnortheasthastings.org.uk/node/26 to look on the map or get in touch with our Community Development worker who will be able to help you.  (Email jan@hvauk.org or call 01424 444010)

Details of outings are published on the Oasis Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Oasis-Community-Project-East-Hastings-442407359136503/, or you can email them on oasis@orevalley.co.uk.