Big Local Group - Join Us

You can join the North East Hastings Big Local Group (BLG) if you:

  • live within the Big Local boundary; or
  • work, shop and/or use facilities in the area; or
  • represent a constituted group, organisation, public sector body or business based in or providing services to the Big Local area.

To join you must provide written contact details – download the form by clicking on link A below for individual membership or link B below if you represent a group, business or public sector body.  

The terms of reference of the Big Local Group can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

What are the advantages of being a member of the Big Local Group?

Each year you will receive at least two progress reports on the Big Local programme in North East Hastings, and information about events

You will have the right to attend and vote at open meetings and the annual general meeting

You will elect the Chair and members of the resident-led partnership that will manage the programme of work and events for the Big Local Group

You will have the right to attend meetings of the resident-led partnership and be able to speak with the Chairperson’s permission (but you will not be able to take part in any votes)

You will have the right to put yourself forward for election to the resident-led partnership and/or apply to join one of the partnership’s sub-committees

You will be able to nominate members of your organisation/ business to be members of sub-committees established by the resident-led partnership where appropriate.

What do I have to do as a member?

Support Big Local events when you can and talk about Big Local and what is going on in your area to those in your group/organisation, your friends, neighbours, shopkeepers and other local businesses.  

As a member of an organisation or business, can I and my colleagues all be members of the Big Local Group?

Yes, as long as you each register separately as individuals. 

I cannot afford to attend Big Local Group meetings

We might be able to help.  We have an expenses policy designed to enable local residents to particpate in Big Local meetings, training and volunteering.  To see whether you are eligible for help and how to claim please click here.

How can I join the Resident-led Partnership?

You can read about the resident-led partnership and download a nomination form by clicking here.