Vision for Learning


  • Residents, particularly those who are disadvantaged, recognise the value of and participate in high quality education, skills development and lifelong learning
  • Learning opportunities are tailored to the needs and circumstances of learners and provide appropriate progression routes
  • Employers are confident about the skills and potential of the local workforce

The Resident-led Partnership for Big Local North East Hastings (BLNEH) wants to:

  • build a learning partnership, led by professionals in conjunction with learners, to benefit residents, businesses and community groups in the area because it views learning as a public good as well as a private benefit;
  • procure services based on evidence of need, therefore information being gathered by providers will help inform BLNEH commissioning of learning services;
  • help develop a single point of information, advice and guidance for residents;
  • help to develop a co-ordinated network of community learning champions to promote life-long learning
  • help secure a long term programme of learning support for residents that does not stop when BLNEH’s plan ends
  • work with the Hastings & Rother Adult and Community Learning Forum, as the organisation to develop providers’ expertise and influence, to achieve the aims in the community learning strategy
  • encourage the use of community centres for learning.   

Organisations in receipt of funding from Big Local North East Hastings (BLNEH) will be expected to:

  • collaborate for the benefit of residents and those who work and use facilities in the BLNEH area
  • tell their learners about BLNEH
  • provide monitoring reports and/or case studies
  • help develop sustainable learning and information, advice and guidance opportunities where it is practicable to do so.

Collaboration involves sharing information about courses being provided, dates and locations; anonymised information about learners, e.g. post codes, gender; anonymised information about outcomes – what has worked, what hasn’t; information about unmet demand.