Small Grants Scheme

We held two rounds of Small Grants in 2018/9 and the Chair of Resident Led Partnership has issued the following statement.

“I’m delighted that we have once again been able to provide funding for a very varied set of projects which will provide support, learning and fun for a wide cross-section of the North-East Hastings community,” said Chair of the RLP, local resident Richard Street. “This time we were oversubscribed so had to turn down a few bids but the range is very impressive. Since 2014 we have awarded £74,243 to 94 projects from our small grants pot. This is an area of serious deprivation so it is important that we do what we can to improve the lives of our residents if only in small ways. Some of the projects provide an enjoyable bit of fun while others address serious issues faced by some of our residents. Our objective is to make this a great place in which to live and work and these projects will make a contribution to that.”

The second round of grants for 2018 includes:

  • to Ore in Bloom towards a Christmas tree and lights in Ore Village;
  • to Oasis for winter outings and activities for older residents of the Broomgrove area through the Elderberries group;
  • to Ore in Bloom for planting daisies and sunflowers to brighten up the area and teach children about plants;
  • to Albion in the Community to provide further football sessions at Hastings Academy;
  • to the Ore Centre for practical cookery demonstrations to encourage users of the Centre’s Community Store to produce tasty , nutritious meals with food from local supermarkets that would otherwise have gone to waste;
  • to Sensory Soft Play to provide soft play sessions and other activities for families with children with additional needs;
  • to Radiator Arts for a play project for children and their parents/carers to create a magic Zebicorn at the Broomgrove Community Centre;
  • to Sussex Prisoners’ Families to provide emotional and practical support for the families of offenders serving sentences for serious offences.

Details of all project receiving awards in 2018/19 will shortly be posted below. There will be further funding roundsd in 2019-20.  The timetable for next year's scheme will be announced on this page during spring 2019.